Get Involved At PCPLS

The library is the cornerstone of every community. At PCPLS, we fully believe in that and we believe in our community. Without the support of our patrons and community, we wouldn’t be able to provide the services we do. The PCPLS mission statement is driven by community members and library patrons. We’re able to provide access to new releases, eAudiobooks, ebooks, music, movies, and tons of other great content because of the community’s involvement.

If you’re looking for a great way to get involved at PCPLS, we want to make every opportunity known to you and make it easy to get involved.

How You Can Help PCPLS

Donate Items

We’re constantly on the hunt for great materials. If you have books, CDs, DVDs, or other library appropriate materials that are in good condition, then we will gladly accept them! To donate your items, please bring them to the nearest PCPLS branch.


If you’re looking for a more involved way to help PCPLS, consider volunteering at your branch. By donating your time, you are able to help our library staff accomplish our mission more effectively.

Join Friends of The Library

The Friends of the Library is a nonprofit that helps raise funds and promote the library. As a Friend of the Library, you would volunteer your time during books sales, prepare library mailings, and help care for library materials.

Shop Our Booksales

If you love reading and want to build up your home library while supporting PCPLS, then come join us for one of our books sales! All of the proceeds from the book sales benefit the library system.

Check out all of our great ways to get involved at PCPLS!