Miscellaneous Contracts

In this index you will find the names of people who signed a contact with the Porter County School System for the position of a Nurse, Janitor or Clerk during the years of 1924-1925 and 1931. These contracts will mention the beginning and ending dates of the contact, and the pay for the position.

The contacts are archived at the Larry J. Clark Genealogy Center, at the Valparaiso Public Library. Dates are approximate. Some listings only described month and year, to be added to the database we added a date of the 31st.

This Porter County index is created and maintained by genealogy staff at the Valparaiso Public Library.

Last Name First Name Start Date Occupation
Boucher Martha 9/1/1925 Clerk
Boucher Martha 9/1/1925 Clerk
Field Frank 6/1/1925 Janitor
Field Frank 3/24/1924 Janitor
Finney Myrtle 9/1/1924 Nurse
Jensen Henry 10/1/1923 Janitor
Kacher Henry 6/1/1925 Janitor
Kacher Henry 6/1/1924 Janitor
Murken Albert 6/1/1925 Janitor
Murken Albert 6/1/1924 Janitor
Salmon Grace 3/15/1931 Clerk
Sedgwick Jesse 3/1/1925 Janitor
Sedgwick Jesse 3/1/1925 Janitor
Wallace Bob 11/1/1924 Janitor
Wallace Bob 8/16/1924 Janitor