About the Porter County Public Library System

At the Porter County Public Library System, we have made it our mission to provide all residents of the library district with a comprehensive collection of materials in a variety of media that records human knowledge, ideas, and culture and to organize these materials for ready access. Our driving belief is that libraries have the power to change people’s lives and are a cornerstone of the communities they are part of. Through the Porter County Public Library System’s programs, services, and events, we encourage every patron to discover the joy of learning and the love of reading.

Our Objectives
  • Relevant Materials

    To meet and anticipate the needs of all patrons.

  • Adequate Facilities

    To provide the functions of a modern library system.

  • Public Service

    To create programs that meet patrons’ needs and wants.

  • Qualified Employees

    To employ competent, creative, and well-educated staff.

  • Secure Funding

    To provide quality library services to the community.

Meet the PCPLS Board

The PCPL Board of Trustees drives the library’s mission by adopting, implementing, and maintaining the library’s objectives. The library board meets every month to discuss the library system and address patron’s comments, concerns, and suggestions.

Can we help you with something else?

Contact our library staff with any questions you have about visiting the library, our programs, or about using our facilities.