Home Schooling

Home Education Foundation | more info

HEF was established in 1991 to raise support and direct lobbying for home education in Florida. HEF exists to safeguard existing legislation and evaluate future legislation.

Home Educators Resource Directory | more info

This is the one-stop Directory for information, supplies, services and support for the homeschool community. Organized by local, national, global resources, local events calendars, special offers, newsletters, educational articles and homeschool support groups.

Home Grown Hearts | more info

Families learning together to train, teach, and prepare the heart fot their children for Jesus Christ.

Homeschool Central | more info

All the resources necessary to be a successful homeschool family.

Homeschool World | more info

Practical Homeschooling Magazine's website. Includes resources, articles, curriculum help, organizations, events, contests, and more.

Indiana Association of Home Educators | more info

The IAHE is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1983 which supports and encourages families interested in home education. We define home education as parent-directed, home-based, privately-funded education.

Indiana Department of Education Homeschool Information | more info

Indiana Department of Education Homeschool Information

Khan Academy | more info

A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

National Home Education Research Institute | more info

Does basic research and publishes it, serves as a clearinghouse of research, facts, statistics, and news; keeps you in touch with new research findings, connects parents to resources about homeschooling, and offers a peer-reviewed research journal.