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Porter County Library Board of Trustees
Meet the PCPLS Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is completely dedicated to the mission and objectives of the library system. Each board member may serve 4 consecutive terms, which begin July 1st and end June 30th.

Next Board Meeting: Regular meeting at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 at Valparaiso Public Library



Stu Summers


Center Township Resident

Appointed by Porter County Commissioners

[2014 to 2018]

Tom Neuffer

Vice President

Boone Township Resident

Appointed by Porter County Commissioners

[2016 to 2020]

[2012 to 2016]

Roger Rhodes


Portage Township Resident

Appointed by School Board Presidents

(Except Valparaiso Schools)

[2014 to 2018]

Paul Knauff


Center Township Resident

Appointed by Valparaiso School Board

[2016 to 2020]

[2012 to 2016]

[2008 to 2012]

Kevin Pazour


Center Township Resident

Appointed by Porter County Council

[2017 to 2021]

Stacey Whitten


Porter Township Resident

Appointed by Porter County Council

[2015 to 2019]

Olga Granat


Center Township Resident

Appointed by Valparaiso School Board

[2017 to 2021]

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Policy On Public Participation At Board Meetings
Upcoming Meeting Information

Upcoming agendas are usually posted the Friday before the board meeting.

Click here for the tentative May board meeting agenda

Marketing RFP Questions & Answers
  1. Do you have a total marketing budget established?

Not at this time.

  1. We typically never sign indemnifications for our clients. So much of the content and approvals are provided by our clients, and we have to assume that our clients know their industry and work with attorneys to review things when necessary. Additionally, because you are asking for templates, we can’t be legally responsible for what is put in the templates once they are given to you. We do our absolute best to adhere to all legal standards in general and within the industry we work. Ultimately though, it is the client that has the authority to revise things and give the approval so the ultimate responsibility lies with them. Is this a deal breaker for you guys? We would love to work with you, but just can’t put ourselves at risk because  too much of the information, revisions, and approvals are out of our hands.

This would be a matter for the Library Board of Trustees and the Library Attorney to decide.

  1. Social Media:
  • In our answer to you should we address just the initial set up of the facebook/event pages and the training of branch managers to make posts, create events and monitor the pages.  Is your plan that they should be self sufficient in a short period of time or will you need us to help craft and schedule messaging during the 2 year period?


We would like the staff to be self-sufficient in a short period of time, but would like the marketing firm to be available for on-going input and advice.


  • How do they currently integrate their Facebook posts on their website’s news page? And will that process remain the same?


Facebook posts are automatically cross-posted in a news feed style on library’s website.  We anticipate this process will remain the same unless a better methodology is discovered.


  • How many events does each branch typically have each month?


This somewhat depends on the branch size and time of year.  It can be anywhere from 10 to 70 programs.


We see that that you launched your launched current website on December 2, 2016, And at the same time  launched a new logo and tagline. Do you want a new unified brand to build upon what was launched at the end of 2016 or are you requesting a whole new brand?


We want to build on what was launched in 2016.


  1. Graphics:
  • Are you requesting creation of a completely new brand with a new logo, colors etc, or should the Standards Manual be created using the current logo, cloolrs and the look of the website as the foundation for a new crafter unified look?


We plan on using the current logo and colors.


  • Approximately how many brochures are created annually and are they then based off of a template and changed for each branch?


There typically is a brochure created for every program.  The number of brochures printed depends on branch size, anticipated attendance, etc.   If a program is repeated at multiple branches, a template is used.  Otherwise, brochures are unique to the program.


  • How many programs do you need brochures for? Would these be redesigns of current program brochures to make them a part of the unified look we are proposing for your communications?


We usually have a brochure or flyer for each program.  Please see above answer.


  • Other than Valpo Reads and Summer Reading Program, how many other events each year do you produce printed pieces and promotional materials for?


We usually have a brochure or flyer for each program presented at the library.  Please see above.  We do purchase promotional materials – pencils, pens, magnets, etc. – that are given out at special events, such as Chamber Network  Night, Valpo Chocolate Walk, Popcorn Fest, Library ComiCon.  The number of events can vary from year to year.


  1. Marketing
  • What inspired the RFP and how will success be measured?


The need for greater utilization of social media was partly responsible for this RFP.  Success will be measured by increased awareness and attendance at library events.


  • There is not specific information in the RFP regarding budgeting.  Is this to be an annual budget every year over 2 years or a lump sum?  Is the budget in the $25- 50k or $50-75K range?


The budget will be annual with the budget to be determined by the Board of Trustees.


  • What are the main challenges regarding internal and external communications?  Are there particular demographic segments that your are hoping to grow?


While internal communications are good, external communications need assistance to reach a larger audience.  While the library strives to serve all age groups, we are especially looking at promoting early literacy in children.

Have Questions?

Our library staff can answers any questions you have the about the board, upcoming meetings, or how to submit a topic for the next meeting.