Our Mission
We believe that libraries can change people’s lives and are a cornerstone of our democracy. The mission of the Porter County Public Library System is to provide all residents of the library district with a comprehensive collection of materials in a variety of media that records human knowledge, ideas, and culture and to organize these materials for ready access. The library encourages the love of reading and the joy of learning, and offers the assistance people need to find, evaluate, and use electronic and print information resources that help them live successful and rewarding lives. In support of the library’s mission statement, the Board of Trustees of the Porter County Public
Library System adopts the following.

That it shall be our objective:

  • To acquire relevant materials to both meet and anticipate the needs of our patrons.
  • To secure adequate service facilities in light of locations where the greatest number of patrons may be served, and where space shall be available in quantities necessary for modern library service.
  • To create public service programs that meet the needs and wants of our patrons. The public service programs must be well-planned and sustainable programs that bring relevance to the library and its role in the everyday lives of our patrons, educate them to be better citizens, and enable them to lead enriched lives.
  • To employ competent, creative, and well-educated staff members and provide for their career development by providing for creative challenge, involvement, encouragement, financial remuneration, and personal growth.
  • To secure funding necessary to provide quality library service to the entire library community.